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Other Products

MELCON presents a wide range of additional electrical transformers that includes :

  1. Control Transformers
  2. Servo Controlled Voltage stabilized Transformers (1KVA-1000KVA)
  3. Hermetically Sealed Transformers
  4. Auxiliary Transformers
  5. Electrical (APFC) Panels
  6. Compact Substation (CSS)
  7. Ester filled transformers
  8. Inverter duty multiwinding transformers
  9. Transformer parts and accessories

Rating Upto 10 MVA
Voltage Class Upto 33KV
Frequency 50/ 60 Hz
No. of Phase Single or Three phase
Vector Group Dyn11, Ynd11, 3 winding, As per customer requirement
Cooling ONAN, AN ANAN, ONAF, etc
Winding Material Copper/ Aluminium
Tapping Off circuit/ On load
Insulation Class A, F, H
Applicable Standards IS 2026, IS 11171, IEC 76