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Oil Immersed Power & Distribution Transformers

We are offering conventional/sealed ONAN/ONAF/OFWF cooled, oil imme-rsed single/three phase, 50/60 Hz Aluminium/Copper Double wound, continuous duty transformers from 5 KVA to 10,000 KVA, up to 37.5 KV class with ‘A’ class insulation and designed to withstand short Circuit, Impulse & Dynamic Test.

Specification: As per ISO 2026,IEC-76, ANSI, NEPA etc(As applicable)
Product Range: 5 KVA TO 10,000 KVA
Rated Voltage:

  • H.V. : 3.3 KV to 37.5 KV etc.
  • L.V. : 230 to 11,000 V etc.

Installation: Indoor/Outdoor
Tapping: + 2.5 to -7.5% in steps @ 2.5% each - Off Circuit or with OLTC RTCC AVR arrangement for various range of voltage variation as per customer’s requirement
Temperature Rise: 50/55ºC of oil/windings (or as per customer’s specification)

Standard Fittings & Accessories:

  1. Two earthing terminals with the earthing symbol =|
  2. Oil level gauge indicating oil level at minimum, 30°C and maximum operating temperature
  3. Air release device (for non-sealed type transformers)
  4. Rating and terminal marking plates
  5. Plain breathing device for non-sealed type
  6. Drain-cum-sampling valve (IS 554)
  7. Thermometer pocket with cap
  8. Oil filling holes with cover (for sealed type transformers without conservator);
  9. Lifting lugs
  10. air filling device/pipe
  11. Pressure relief device or explosion vent above 200 kVA
  12. One filter valve on the upper side of the tank (for transformers above 200 kVA);
  13. Unidirectional flat rollers (for transformers above 200 kVA);
  14. Inspection hole (for transformers above 200kVA);
  15. Pressure gauge for sealed transformers with radiators (above 200 kVA);
  16. HV side neutral grounding strip
  17. Buchholz relay for transformers above 1000 kVA.
  18. Dehydrating breather
  19. Filter valve
  20. Arcing horns for HT side – 3 Nos.
  21. Terminal connectors;
  22. Oil temperature indicator and winding temperature indicators for transformers above 200 kVA;
  23. Magnetic oil level gauge (for transformer above 1 600 kVA) with low oil level alarm contact;
  24. Pressure relief device or explosion vent (up to 200 kVA);
  25. Protection relay for sealed type transformers for internal parameters that is pressure, temperature, oil level and gas detection (above 1 000 kVA);
  26. ELR/ CBCT/ MCCB/ Special Marshalling Box etc as per client requirements NOTE — IS 3639 describes some of the fittings and accessories.