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Energy Efficient Transformers

We are offering STAR rating Energy Efficienct transformers as per IS 1180, Bureau of Energy Efficiency norms.

Specification: As per IS 1180
Product Range: upto 2500kVA
Rated Voltage:

  • H.V. : 11 KV, 33KV
  • L.V. : 433v, 415v, As per customer’s requirement

Cooling: ONAN
Installation: Indoor/Outdoor
Tapping: + 5 to -10% in steps @ 2.5% each in OCTC or with OLTC RTCC AVR as per customer’s requirement
Temperature Rise:as per IS 1180 (or as per customer’s specification)
Overloading: As per IS6600
Fittings & Accesories: As per client site requirements.

Further, for higher ratings, energy efficient transformers are also being offered by us.

  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Lowers the equipment running costs thus making the transformer Cost effective in the long run
  • Low Losses making it environment friendly


  • Commercial
  • Industrial